EVBox enhances its support and services business by introducing remote diagnostics and partnering with EVA Global

EVBox announces a strategic shift in its customer support operations by transitioning its Level 1 support to EVA Global, an EV-specific business partner to improve customer satisfaction. This move comes alongside various initiatives to enhance EVBox’s serviceability, such as remote diagnostics on public charging stations. 

AMSTERDAM, May 2, 2024 — EVBox, a global electric vehicle (EV) charging solution provider, announces a strategic shift in its customer support operations. In a bid to ensure service excellence, the company has transitioned its Level 1 support to EVA Global, an EV-specific business partner renowned for its industry expertise and global presence. This collaboration has been in development alongside various initiatives to improve the EVBox Aftersales division, as the company offers EV charging solutions including hardware, software, and services; such as the introduction of the LiveChat and Virtual Assistant on the website and introducing a remote diagnostic system for its fast charging offering. The decision to shift to EVA Global was made as both companies align in their vision of delivering exceptional support tailored to the unique needs of the EV market. For EVBox customers this means 24/7 support in English, Dutch, German and French on Level 1. 

EVA Global boasts a comprehensive suite of services, including Level 1 and Level 2 support, as well as help in managing Field Service Provider (FSP) networks, setting it apart as a specialized partner in the EV industry. With a diverse client base, including Charge Point Operators (CPOs), Fleet Owners, EV Infrastructure companies, the Energy Sector and Vehicle OEMs, EVA Global’s extensive experience and global reach make it an ideal partner for EVBox’s evolving needs. 

EVA Global x EVBox
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EVA Global x EVBox

Enhanced service for EV chargers on the road 

EVBox’s main public charging stations evolve around the new generation o its DC fast charging range: EVBox Troniq Modular (up to 240 kW) and EVBox Troniq High Power (up to 400 kW). EVBox support is becoming more proactive thanks to the integration of remote diagnosis telematic device into the fast charging stations. This technology allows the diagnosis of the stations 24/7 and any inconsistency in performance can be picked up by EVBox proactively generating a diagnosis plan within a few hours in order to resolve the issue with the customer as quickly as possible. 

Key highlights of the partnership with EVA Global include: 

  • Enhanced Cost Efficiency: By migrating support operations to EVA Global, EVBox anticipates significant cost savings. A streamlined cost model enables EVBox to allocate resources more effectively while maintaining a high standard of service. 
  • Expanded Global Footprint: With headquarters in Tampere (FI), international sales offices and customer service centers in Malaga (ES), Lisbon (PT), and Kuala Lumpur (ML), EVA Global offers a truly global support network, ensuring seamless assistance across different time zones and regions. This consolidated approach provides EVBox with greater control over expenses and service quality.
  • Specialized Expertise: EVA Global's dedicated team of professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, with a focus on delivering tailored solutions for the EV industry. Their advanced skillset and educational background equip them to handle complex customer inquiries with precision and efficiency. 
  • Cultural Alignment: EVBox and EVA Global share a common commitment to proactive collaboration and continuous improvement. By fostering a culture of innovation and accountability, both organizations are poised to drive positive change and exceed customer expectations. 

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with EVBox. This collaboration demonstrates the high calibre of our technology and services we have developed since 2017. I’m excited this cooperation puts our omni-channel capabilities to a wide use with chat options gaining more prominence in line with evolving consumer preferences. In addition to supporting EV drivers, our solution facilitates more complex inquiries and serves a broader range of customers in the After Sales space, opening up new opportunities. Our joint efforts represent a significant stride toward efficient and enjoyable charging for all stakeholders.    Jane Hoffer (CEO of EVA Global) 

We are proud to announce our strategic shift towards enhancing customer support operations, solidifying our commitment to service excellence in the EV industry. Over the years, we've diligently worked to evolve our Aftersales department, recognizing that we're not merely manufacturers of charging stations, but stewards of reliable mobility solutions. Our scalable approach revolves around constantly updating care plans tailored to individual customer needs, informed by real-time feedback and co-development initiatives. This partnership with EVA Global marks a pivotal step in our journey, allowing us to leverage their expertise while retaining control over our systems. Together, we're poised to deliver unparalleled service, ensuring that EV charging remains a dependable resource for current and future mobility needs.  Jean-Pascal Bourdier (Vice President Aftersales & Customer Services at EVBox) 



About EVA Global 


EVA Global is the leading electric vehicle managed services provider committed to ensuring the reliability, availability and accessibility of your EV charging infrastructure.  


EVA Global is the industry’s partner of choice for maximizing charger uptime and utilization. With our technology platform EVA Global offers a specialized managed service solution from multilingual end-user and technical support to complete infrastructure management services. -Enabling our partners to concentrate on their core business and augment it by offering a charging opportunity. 

About EVBox

To build a sustainable future, EVBox empowers businesses and drivers to embrace electric mobility. EVBox’s charging solutions lay the foundations for a world where electric mobility is the new normal by giving EV drivers the ability to charge with confidence, allowing businesses to easily enter the market and scale their offering as demand grows, and evolving with the rapid pace of innovation. Founded in 2010, EVBox is now a market leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE) who has delivered over 550,000 charging ports to partners and customers globally. The solutions EVBox is offering include charging stations for residential, commercial, and fast-charging network usage, as well as charging management software. More information can be found on evbox.com.

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