EVBox Troniq Modular Successfully Completes Module B of the Measurement and Calibration Ordinance

The DC charging station Troniq Modular, which was launched last year from EVBox, a manufacturer of scalable and flexible charging solutions, has received the Module B certification from CSA Group Bayern. This means that the charging station for electric vehicles in public and semi-public areas is ready for use. Now it's on to the last and final assessment: the review of the production.

AMSTERDAM, September 22, 2022 — As one of the leading providers of charging solutions, EVBox was able to expand its own portfolio last year. The new and innovative EVBox Troniq Modular, a DC charging station, has completed the Module B of the measurement and calibration ordinance, making it ready for public use. With being introduced into the market, the EVBox Troniq Modular offers a reliable and scalable solution thanks to its modern design and modular structure. In order to offer this fast charging station now in different markets, various requirements of the respective regions were met.

EVBox Troniq Modular successfully completes Module B of the measurement and calibration ordinance
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EVBox Troniq Modular successfully completes Module B of the measurement and calibration ordinance

EVBox fast charging station now also certified in accordance with the German Measurement and Calibration Act

The German market’s regulations for charging infrastructure includes the Measurement and Calibration Act. This law states that certain requirements  for measuring devices have to be fulfilled in order to ensure that  measurements of consumers’ products are aligned with the indicated standard measurements. Therefore, a charging station must be correctly calibrated to guarantee to the consumer that the actual electricity powered to the car corresponds to the amount of electricity indicated per kilowatt.

Due to their complex design, charging stations for electric vehicles have to undergo a relatively intensive testing process. The EVBox Troniq Modular successfully completed the Module B certification, and is now initiating the next steps for the final certification, Module D, which examines quality assurance in the production process. After EVBox receives the Module D certification, the uniform and certified production of the DC charging station can start and be delivered to customers in Germany and Austria.

Following the already successful launch of EVBox Troniq Modular in various markets, we are pleased to now also be able to offer our customers in the DACH region a version that complies with calibration regulations. The Module B certification is an important step towards being able to use EVBox Troniq Modular in the public and semi-public sector. With more fast charging stations along the roads, we thus hope to enable a worry-free transition to electric mobility. Maurice van Riek (CTO at EVBox)


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To build a sustainable future, EVBox empowers businesses and drivers to embrace electric mobility. EVBox’s charging solutions lay the foundations for a world where electric mobility is the new normal by giving EV drivers the ability to charge with confidence, allowing businesses to easily enter the market and scale their offering as demand grows, and evolving with the rapid pace of innovation. Founded in 2010, EVBox is now a market leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE) who has delivered over 550,000 charging ports to partners and customers globally. The solutions EVBox is offering include charging stations for residential, commercial, and fast-charging network usage, as well as charging management software. More information can be found on evbox.com.

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