ChargeboxNet supplies Carrefour Argentina with 100 EVBox charging stations

ChargeboxNet is helping to electrify commercial parking by signing a contract with Carrefour to install 100 EVBox BusinessLine charging stations across Argentina.

Amsterdam, December 8, 2020—Carrefour, one of the largest retail chains in Argentina, will aid the global transition to eMobility by signing a contract with ChargeboxNet to install 100 EVBox BusinessLine charging stations (with 7.4 kW) at their parking lots across the country. ChargeboxNet, a partner of EVBox, will take responsibility for installing and maintaining the charging ports at Carrefour’s sites.

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In EVBox, we found a business partner that welcomed us with open arms and treated us as equals. They were eager to share all their knowledge and software and helped us to identify the best plan of action that would benefit us moving forward. EVBox has all the tools a partner would need to start and manage a charging network—no matter the size of the operation. We share the same business vision and with end-to-end solutions, it's easier to move forward quickly and smoothly. Nicolas Nervi (CCO and Founder of ChargeboxNet)

EVBox’s intelligent solutions will help to develop Argentina’s charging network

One of the standout features of EVBox BusinessLine is the flexibility of its charging capacity due to its output that can range between 7.4 kW and 22 kW. Due to the infancy of Argentina’s charging network, the charging stations at Carrefour sites will be set at 7.4kWh. As the eMobility industry continues to develop in the country, the flexibility of EVBox BusinessLine will allow each of the 100 EVBox BusinessLine at Carrefour to have their charging capacities upgraded to 22 kW.


With EVBox BusinessLine’s load balancing feature, the available power at all of Carrefour sites can be easily and safely distributed. In addition to this, the user-friendly and intelligent EVBox charging management software allows Carrefour and its customers to view insightful data on individual charging sessions and manage their accounts. With EVBox, Carrefour and ChargeboxNet will usher a new era of electric mobility in Argentina. 

About ChargeboxNet

Founded in 2017, ChargeboxNet is a division of Latenergy that provides electric vehicle charging solutions for companies, fleets, and residential and commercial parking. They created the first charging network in Argentina and will have 1480 chargers installed across the cross in the next 10 years. Similarly, Latenergy’s goal is to develop the usage of clean renewable energy and technologies for homes, businesses, and transportation to create a world in harmony with the environment.


About EVBox

Founded in 2010, EVBox accelerates the adoption of electric mobility by bringing convenient, integrated EV charging solutions to businesses and drivers around the world. From its extensive portfolio of commercial and ultra-fast charging stations built by EVBox to its scalable, open-source charging management software engineered by Everon, EVBox ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone.

Backed by ENGIE, EVBox is a leader in research and development, with multiple labs and factories across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking EV charging technology. With offices across the globe including Paris, Chicago, and Amsterdam, and strong foundations in dozens of markets, EVBox is shaping a cleaner future of transportation.


About EVBox

To build a sustainable future, EVBox empowers businesses and drivers to embrace electric mobility. EVBox’s charging solutions lay the foundations for a world where electric mobility is the new normal by giving EV drivers the ability to charge with confidence, allowing businesses to easily enter the market and scale their offering as demand grows, and evolving with the rapid pace of innovation. Founded in 2010, EVBox is now a market leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE) who has delivered over 550,000 charging ports to partners and customers globally. The solutions EVBox is offering include charging stations for residential, commercial, and fast-charging network usage, as well as charging management software. More information can be found on

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