EVBox and The Mobility House join forces to facilitate emission-free Vehicle-to-Grid charging

EVBox, the leading provider of smart and scalable charging solutions for electric vehicles around the world, and The Mobility House, a technology leader on smart charging/V2G, have joined forces to work toward their vision of an emission-free future.

Amsterdam and Munich, August 27, 2020—EVBox and The Mobility House are partnering to accelerate the transition to emission-free mobility with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies. The partnership will see EVBox provide hardware for projects that involve V2G implemented by The Mobility House. Both companies are investing heavily in R&D (EVBox recently announced its new research Lab) to bring intelligent EV charging technologies to the market. The expertise of both partners leads to a win-win situation in which EVBox supplies hardware and The Mobility House provides compatible smart charging software to successfully pave the way for a new generation of mobility.

Porto Santo V2G project, The Mobility House and EVBox
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Porto Santo V2G project, The Mobility House and EVBox


How EVs can solve energy and grid issues 

Reducing the transport sector’s CO2 emissions isn’t the only benefit of driving electric. While switching to renewable energy is still dependent on weather conditions, electric cars could be used as temporary energy storage since they remain stationary for the majority of the day and night. The Mobility House has developed an intelligent technology, the Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot, that optimizes the interplay of electric cars, stationary second-life battery storage, and bidirectional electric vehicles (Vehicle-to-Grid, V2G). Technologies like V2G can innovate the way energy is used and generated in the future while simultaneously helping the planet. 


A fossil free island is showing the way

A great example of this partnership is the project on the island of Porto Santo in Madeira Archipelago, Portugal—also known as “Smart Fossil Free Island”. The ongoing project started in 2018 with Groupe Renault, EEM, Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira, S.A., and The Mobility House. The common goal is to transform the island into a shining example of sustainability. This will be achieved by increasing the contribution of wind and solar power to the island’s total electricity supply through the intelligent integration of electric cars and second-life battery storage. EVBox allocated bidirectional AC charging stations to this project, which allow electric cars provided by Renault to direct energy from their batteries back to the electricity grid (V2G). The project proved that EVs can play a very important role in establishing a renewable world[MV1] .


Learn more about the newest innovations at REVOLUTION Digital

REVOLUTION Conference will host its second edition of REVOLUTION Digital on September 8, 2020. You can stream the event to learn more about the latest technologies in regards of eMobility during panel discussions led by industry experts. Register here!

The Mobility House—official REVOLUTION partner—will host virtual drinks session during the digital event.

Missed the first edition for REVOLUTION Digital? Watch the recording here.

Porto Santo V2G project, The Mobility House and EVBox
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Porto Santo V2G project, The Mobility House and EVBox

About The Mobility House

The goal of The Mobility House is to shape an emission-free energy and mobility future by integrating vehicle batteries into the power grid using intelligent charging and energy solutions. The technology company was founded in 2009 and is since then supporting private and business customers on their way to electromobility through the planning and building processes as well as the operation of an individual charging infrastructure. As a neutral supplier, they work together with many partners. Their intelligent Charging and Energy Management system ChargePilot enables customers and partners to integrate electric vehicles into the grid in a way that is both grid-optimized and future-proof. For more information visit mobilityhouse.com.

About EVBox

Founded in 2010, EVBox accelerates the adoption of electric mobility by bringing convenient, integrated EV charging solutions to businesses and drivers around the world. From its extensive portfolio of commercial and ultra-fast charging stations built by EVBox to its scalable, open-source charging management software engineered by Everon, EVBox  ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone.

Backed by ENGIE, EVBox is a leader in research and development, with multiple labs and factories across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking EV charging technology. With offices across the globe including Paris, Chicago, and Amsterdam, and strong foundations in dozens of markets, EVBox is shaping a cleaner future of transportation.  

About EVBox

Founded in 2010, EVBox empowers forward-thinking businesses to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions. With its offering of residential, commercial and fast charging stations, as well as scalable charging management software, EVBox ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone. The company has shipped over 400,000 charging ports to customers and partners and processes more than 1.4 million charging transactions per month on the EVBox Everon charging management software. Backed by ENGIE, EVBox is a leader in R&D, with facilities across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking electric vehicle charging technology.

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