12 March 2020

EVBox supplies PSA Group with charging stations to ensure a seamless experience for EV drivers

PSA Group (including the brands Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall) is investing heavily in various electrification projects to provide a seamless journey for its customers driving electric (as well as those looking into the possibility). To realize these projects, PSA has selected ENGIE, and subsequently EVBox, as one of the partners that will provide charging stations throughout Europe. Since 2019, EVBox has equipped most of PSA’s European dealer network that covers over 26 countries.

Amsterdam, March 12, 2020—To meet the demands of its customers and prepare for the expected increase in electric cars on European roads, PSA group will offer solutions that include charging, a single point of contact for all Groupe PSA customers, an online technical audit, and installations by qualified experts.

EVBox will supply PSA Group with AC charging stations (custom EVBox Elvi charging stations), which will be available to PSA’s installation partners and dealerships:

·      EVBox will provide tens of thousands of AC charging stations in total

·      Everon will provide the cloud-based charging management platform used with the charging stations.

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“Providing a seamless journey to all our B2B and B2C customers interested in electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids is a key priority for Groupe PSA. Thanks to these partnerships, our customers will have access to a dedicated service for the purchase and installation of their charging stations, as well as for the associated administrative formalities and subsidy claims.”

Alexandre Guignard (Senior Vice President of Groupe PSA’s Low Emission Vehicles Business Unit)

“With over 10 years of experience in electric vehicle charging technology, we are uniquely qualified to contribute to PSA’s European electrification project. The transition to electric mobility affects everyone, and we are excited to support PSA in their commitment to electrification, both for their dealers and customers.” 

Kristof Vereenooghe (CEO of EVBox)

About EVBox

EVBox drives sustainable mobility by providing smart and scalable charging infrastructure and charging management software to electric vehicles around the world. Powered by ENGIE, EVBox has placed over 125,000 charging points across more than 70 countries. With residential, commercial, public, and fast-charging solutions, EVBox is helping to build a future where everyday transport is emission-free. For more information, visit evbox.com.

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