03 March 2020

EVBox’s statement regarding Izivia’s decision to permanently close part of the Corri-Door network (France)

Amsterdam, March 3, 2020—EVBox learned - via Izivia’s website - that Izivia decided to permanently close part of the Corri-Door network of 189 fast chargers in France since “security risks had appeared on two chargers of the same manufacturer”. This concerns EVTronic DC charging stations manufactured mostly in 2014 and 2015 with a specific Izivia-tailored configuration.

The two incidents reported date from respectively April 2019 and June 2019 and have been thoroughly investigated by EVBox (who acquired EVTronic in 2018). We can confidently confirm that these are linked to the Izivia-tailored configuration. In any case, there are no security risks to end-users. EVBox has communicated this to Izivia, along with proposed preventive actions that could be taken right away to prevent any new occurrence.


As with any technology, regular and professional maintenance is essential to guarantee safety, uptime and financial performance of a charging network.

Since delivering the stations for the Corri-Door network in 2014 and 2015, EVBox have emphasized the importance of professional maintenance to Izivia. However, we’ve noted that maintenance has not been performed continuously over the past years.


Over the past weeks, we have repeatedly offered our assistance to Izivia to re-open the network as quickly as possible, including offering a joint and independent audit of the full network and defining an action plan.


We continue our mission to offer reliable charging solutions to the global EV community and are proud to see some of our other clients publicly note the outstanding performance of our charging stations when correctly maintained. As the safety of our products and their users is our highest priority, our products are certified according to local standards and regulations by independent notified parties and are manufactured and individually tested accordingly.


For questions regarding this statement, you can contact the EVBox press team via press@evbox.com.

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