Hollander Techniek supplies Unilever with 124 EVBox charging points for its Innovation Centre in Wageningen

Unilever opened its global Innovation Centre in Wageningen in December 2019—and thanks to EVBox partner Hollander Techniek’s installation of 63 EVBox BusinessLine charging stations (61 double, two single), the Centre’s parking lot now offers 124 spaces with 11 kW charging for Unilever’s employees. 

Amsterdam, March 5, 2020—Last December marked the opening of Unilever’s global Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen—and alongside the new offices came the electrification of its parking lot. To enable their employees and guests to charge their electric car whilst they are parked at the Innovation Centre, Unilever got in contact with Hollander Techniek, a partner of EVBox, who will take responsibility for all mechanical and electrical installations at the Centre. 

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Unilever Innovation Centre Wageningen, © Ossip van Duivenbode

Hollander Techniek, a technical integrator that operates in the utility, industry, and retail sectors, selected EVBox’s BusinessLine for the installation at the Unilever site. The EVBox BusinessLine’s intelligent design that allows two sockets to deliver a combined 22 kW, as well as the load balancing technology were two of the main reasons why EVBox BusinessLine charging stations were chosen, and then ordered by Hollander Techniek via Technische Unie.


Our project team chose EVBox as a supplier of charging stations because of its product’s smart design that houses two sockets in a single unit, as well as the the load balancing feature. This way, Unilever is able to extend its charging network in the future. The EVBox BusinessLine was, therefore, the most efficient product for this solution in combination with the layout of the parking spaces at Unilever’s Innovation center. Tim van Stipriaan, Engineering Consultant for electrical installations at Hollander Techniek 


Thanks to EVBox’s smart charging solutions, Unilever will be able to extend its already existing network of charging stations. Plus, the load balancing feature will allow for the easy distribution of available power on site. Unilever employs 450 people at the Innovation Centre in Wageningen and already offers employees the option to lease an electric company car. In order to stay ahead of the curve and participate in the transition to electric mobility, Unilever decided to have 124 of its 533 parking spaces supply electric charging of up to 11 kW each.

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EVBox BusinessLine charging stations in the parking lot of Unilever Innovation Centre Wageningen

About Hollander Techniek

Hollander Techniek offers innovative technical solutions that go above and beyond. With their expertise in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, security, swimming pool technology, IT, robotization, industrial automation, and shop automation, Hollander Techniek passionately provides complete solutions—from advice and design, to implementation, maintenance and service.

About EVBox

Founded in 2010, EVBox Group accelerates the adoption of electric mobility by bringing convenient, integrated EV charging solutions to businesses and drivers around the world. From its extensive portfolio of commercial and ultra-fast charging stations built by EVBox to its scalable charging management software engineered by Everon, EVBox Group ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone.


Backed by ENGIE, EVBox Group is a leader in research and development, with multiple labs and factories across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking EV charging technology. With offices across the globe including Paris, Chicago, and Amsterdam, and strong foundations in dozens of markets, EVBox Group is shaping a cleaner future of transportation.

About EVBox Group

Founded in 2010, EVBox Group empowers forward-thinking businesses to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions. With its extensive portfolio of commercial and ultra-fast EVBox charging stations, as well as scalable charging management software engineered by Everon, EVBox Group ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone.

EVBox Group is a leader in R&D, with facilities across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking electric vehicle charging technology. With offices across the globe, including Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Munich, and Chicago, and strong foundations in dozens of markets, EVBox Group is working to shape a sustainable future of transportation.

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