26 September 2019

Antwerp-Tax leads the electric taxi revolution together with EVBox and Mercedes-Benz

As one of the oldest Belgium taxi companies, Antwerp-Tax wants to be future-proof by electrifying their fleet and installing charging stations

Antwerp, September 26, 2019 – Antwerp-based taxi company Antwerp-Tax celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. The family-owned company, dating back to 1929, has always been at the forefront of new ways of mobility, and is now the first Antwerp taxi company to switch their fleet to electric hybrids.

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Charging one of the Mercedes E300de hybrids at Antwerp-Tax


In order to stay ahead of the curve, and participate in the transition to electric mobility, Antwerp-Tax has installed 18 EVBox charging points at their facility to efficiently charge their fleet of Mercedes E300de hybrid cars between shifts. Koen van Oorschot, Director at Antwerp-Tax, explains:

“As a taxi company we try to keep up with modern trends. We want to be ahead of the legislation and want to get experience with electric cars. EVBox helped us in this process with good advice, fair prices and good quality. The choice was easy to make.”

Koen van Oorschot, Director at Antwerp-Tax

Electrifying cities

Encouraging companies like Antwerp Tax to invest in electric mobility is also a large priority for the City of Antwerp. Koen Kennis, Alderman for Mobility in Antwerp:

“Antwerp is working hard towards becoming more sustainable, mobility plays a big role in that. Antwerp-Tax as a company is a great example of how companies can contribute to those goals. Their switch to eMobility is good for their customers, but also good for the city.”

Koen Kennis, Alderman for Mobility in Antwerp

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