EVBox uses EEBUS for energy management and grid integration of e-mobility charging

Amsterdam, Cologne, 17 September 2019 - EVBox, the leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and related software, commits to EEBUS, the “Global Language for Energy in the Internet of Things.” EVBox recently joined the EEBUS Initiative e.V. and has started to integrate EEBUS in all upcoming products, including residential chargers and public and commercial charging stations.

With our commitment to EEBUS as the leading standard in energy management infrastructure, we will increase the interoperability of our products and create added values for our customers, such as overload protection and optimization of PV self-consumption. We will focus on EEBUS as the bridge from our charging infrastructure into smart homes and smart buildings, because it is the essential link for the integration of e-mobility into the grid. Peter van Praet, COO at EVBox

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Arjan van Rooijen (CTO EVBox), Marc Eulen (Managing Partner KEO), Peter van Praet (COO EVBox)

Added value of EEBUS

The open and publicly available EEBUS standard was developed for all energy consuming devices by the members of the EEBUS Initiative, which include industry alliances (VDA - German Association of the Automotive Industry, VDIK – Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, BDH – Federation of German Heating Industry etc.), and leading stakeholders in the connected home, electrical mobility, photovoltaic, and energy and smart appliances industries.

The mission of EEBUS is to enable devices to communicate on energy-related use-cases across sector-, technology-, and manufacturer- barriers. Through the energy management systems (EMS), the energy demand and storage flexibility of electric vehicles can be managed together with appliances and heating in the connected building—and matched with either power offerings or limitations from the grid.

In addition to the added value created for end users, grid operators also benefit from the fact that EEBUS avoids overtaxing the energy grid.  Furthermore, EEBUS allows e-mobility to become an important grid supporting component, reducing the need for large-scale and expensive grid expansions.

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Picture: EEBUS based ecosystem with EVBox Wallbox. 

EEBUS enables standardized energy management at the grid connection point and among energy relevant devices—such as electric cars—inside the building. With EVBox as a new member, we are pleased to have another leading company that contributes to the further development of the EEBUS specifications and another supporter of the harmonization with the OCPP standard from the perspective of the e-mobility industry.  Dr. Bernhard Thies, chairman of EEBUS Initiative e.V. and Vice-President of CENELEC.

EVBox supports the cooperation of EEBUS and OCA

EVBox is one of the founding members of the Open Charge Alliance (OCA), contributing to the development of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), the leading standard for connecting public charging ports with respective management systems. Since February 2019, the EEBUS Initiative is cooperating with the OCA in order to further harmonize energy management and the administration of charging processes in the e-mobility sector.

EVBox mass market products with EEBUS powered by KEO

EVBox will work with Cologne-based software company KEO GmbH to implement the EEBUS communication into EVBox products. As the leading EEBUS integrator, KEO is an expert in all aspects of the EEBUS standard. KEO has contributed to the development of the standard since the beginning and build up a customer base in all relevant EEBUS stakeholder sectors. KEO offers a portfolio of standardized EEBUS connectivity stacks and solutions and accompanies customers from the initial demonstration to the finished mass market product with the EEBUS standard. Following this method of working, EVBox and KEO have already started on the implementation of the EEBUS standard, with products to be soon available on various markets.

EVBox is one of the international leading companies in their industry, and we are very pleased to work with them on the integration of EEBUS into their charging solutions for the private, commercial, and public sector. In only a few years, most buildings will have the ability to offer EV charging. Smart energy management and interoperable connectivity are critical factors for success.  By committed to EEBUS, EVBox can offer future proof solutions and added value for its customers, as well as enable further partnering in the EEBUS stakeholder sectors for new applications. Marc Eulen, Managing Partner of KEO GmbH.


The EEBUS Initiative e.V. is a non-profit organization with over 60 members who are the leading stakeholders in all fields of connected home, electrical mobility, energy and smart appliances. Members of EEBUS collaborate in various working groups to establish a standardized and common language for the interoperability of connected devices. Smart heating, electrical vehicles, photovoltaic systems, smart home systems, energy managers and other appliances can thus communicate seamlessly about energy management and usability. For more information please visit: www.eebus.org

About KEO GmbH

KEO is the leading EEBUS Software Integrator. With its EEBUS Software Stacks, the company connects energy-relevant devices to energy management systems and the grid. KEO’s Software solutions are based on various technologies, manufacturer-independent and customized to various domains. The EEBUS products and services are pushing forward the integration of a common language for energy enabling a seamless communication. Besides Connectivity-Stacks, KEO offers test tools and -environments related to EEBUS specifications. For more information please visit: www.keo-connectivity.com


About EVBox

To build a sustainable future, EVBox empowers businesses and drivers to embrace electric mobility. EVBox’s charging solutions lay the foundations for a world where electric mobility is the new normal by giving EV drivers the ability to charge with confidence, allowing businesses to easily enter the market and scale their offering as demand grows, and evolving with the rapid pace of innovation. Founded in 2010, EVBox is now a market leader in electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE) who has delivered over 550,000 charging ports to partners and customers globally. The solutions EVBox is offering include charging stations for residential, commercial, and fast-charging network usage, as well as charging management software. More information can be found on evbox.com.

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