ARC Europe and EVBox announce Pan-European strategic partnership to assist EV-driving customers at the charging station

Amsterdam, August 13, 2019ARC Europe, the largest supplier and pioneer of B2B roadside assistance and mobility solutions in Europe, and EVBox, one of the global leaders in electric vehicle charging stations, have signed a strategic partnership to enhance the electrical shift in providing charging station assistance. 

The scope of the EV (electric vehicle) assistance partnership is to provide 24/7 technical support to EVBox customers across Europe. Initially in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. This partnership is also expected to expand into France, England, Germany, Italy, and Spain in 2020. 

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By entering into this strategic partnership with EVBox, ARC Europe will simultaneously enhance existing call center capabilities, providing remote technical support to EVBox customers facing issues at a charging station, and provide pan-European support using knowledgeable and experienced EV specialists.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox, says:

As more and more people switch to driving electric, providing the right service and road support becomes a crucial part of our offering. Our customers have to feel that no matter where they are or at what time, we will offer them the support to get back on the road. Our European collaboration with ARC Europe allows us to live up to these expectations, and we’re excited to continue expanding our European coverage. Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EVBox

Strong investments from charge point operators, OEMs, and governments show a clear trend for future charge stations. An expected 1 million private and public chargers will be available in Europe as of 2020, growing to an expected 15 million by 2030 (accordingly to McKinsey data).

Ensuring full coverage for European EV-drivers

As the leader in the driving assistance landscape, ARC Europe’s collaboration with EVBox will extend and develop assistance services, and anticipate future customer demands as part of a natural evolution of the industry, including destinations from home to the office and along the route (roads, highways) to ensure full assistance coverage of EV-driver’s journeys.

Stefano Sarti, ARC Europe Group Managing Director:

We will also provide assistance on the road with our mobile charging modules, empowering EV drivers on the go. From the home-office commute and on the way; we will always be behind EVBox to assist EV drivers. By supporting the drivers, we are as well helping OEM’s and fleet companies to enrich their offering to their customers, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved. Stefano Sarti, ARC Europe Group Managing Director

About ARC Europe Group

ARC Europe Group is the largest supplier of B2B roadside assistance services in Europe with an outstanding network in more than 40 European countries. The Group shareholders are the major automobile clubs in Europe: ADAC, The AA, ANWB, ACI, OEAMTC, RACE, TCB & TCS. The Group entered new fields of activities, with the ambition to sustain the electrical shift, delivering mobility solutions and connected services enlarging its geographical scope. ARC Europe Group is currently positioned as the pioneer in the electrical Vehicle mobility assistance landscape, fully dedicated and committed to invest into making electric vehicles one key pillar of the mobility strategy.

About EVBox

Founded in 2010, EVBox empowers forward-thinking businesses to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions. With its offering of residential, commercial and fast charging stations, as well as scalable charging management software, EVBox ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone. The company has shipped over 400,000 charging ports to customers and partners and processes more than 1.4 million charging transactions per month on the EVBox Everon charging management software. Backed by ENGIE, EVBox is a leader in R&D, with facilities across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking electric vehicle charging technology.

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