25 July 2019

SPAR offers free electric vehicle charging for Hungarian shoppers

Food retail chain SPAR is electrifying parking lots at 17 stores throughout Hungary to accommodate the increasing number of electric vehicle drivers 

Amsterdam, July 25th, 2019. Even though Hungary currently only has around 13,000 plug-in/full electric vehicles on the roads, this number is expected to grow rapidly. To prepare for the growing number of EV drivers, SPAR (which has 500 stores throughout Hungary) is heavily investing in charging infrastructure at their parking facilities. The first installation (done by EVBox partner NKM) was for 66 EVBox charging points at 17 high traffic locations throughout the country.  

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EV charging as a service to shoppers 

SPAR will (initially) be offering charging facilities free of charge to their shoppers, allowing them to recharge their car while doing groceries. This kind of service sets SPAR apart from many other retailers and offers shoppers an additional service to improve their shopping experience. Especially in a country where one third of the population lives in apartment buildings, with limited access to (private) charging stations, many EV drivers are dependent on (semi-) public chargers.  


About EVBox

EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. With an installed base of over 85,000 charging points across more than 55 countries worldwide, EVBox drives sustainable mobility, by bringing durable electric vehicle charging solutions to the world. EVBox has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Oslo, Milton Keynes, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Bordeaux, New York and Los Angeles. Since March 2017, EVBox is a part of ENGIE. In 2018, EVBox acquired ultra-fast charging station manufacturer EVTronic, adding 700 previously installed fast charging stations to its European network.

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