22 May 2018

Next generation ready for future without fossil fuels

Learning about EV charging stations begins on the playground

Amsterdam, May 22nd 2018 - Chances are that today's children will never experience driving a car that runs on fossil fuels. To prepare them, students from two Dutch primary schools are already learning on the playground how to charge their future electric cars. The students are learning how electric vehicle charging works exactly while playing with a modified EVBox charging station.

One of these schools is the Montessori School in Amsterdam, which has designed a fully sustainable playground for the children and parents to enjoy. The school's principal Astrid Kopper explains:

As a school we have the duty and responsibility to prepare our students for the future and, therefore, also to teach them the importance of using our planet's resources in a sustainable way. Adding an electric charging station to our renewed playground made sense. Not a fake gasoline pump as you see on many Dutch playgrounds, but a contemporary alternative that teaches children how to charge their electric car in the future. EVBox's help in realising this is much appreciated.

Astrid Kopper, Principal Buitenveldertse Montessorischool (BMS)
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Charging practice on the playground

Responsible teaching

For this purpose, EVBox stripped and modified some of its known public chargers (as seen on the streets of e.g. Amsterdam and Rotterdam) to make it suitable and safe for kids to play with.

It's amazing to see how these schools are preparing their students. Sustainable living should be the main topic of our age, because we simply cannot continue using our planet and its resources the way we have. For many adults, driving electric is still something to get used to, but it doesn't have to be that way with the kids. I hope that at one point they will be the ones that will look back on this time with amazement that we actually used fossil fuels to power our cars. 

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EVBox

Images for the press: Park 16hoven primary school (Rotterdam, top 4 images), Buitenveldertse Montessorischool (Amsterdam, middle 4 images) and public charging stations in normal use (City of Amsterdam, bottom 2 images)

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