Largest global eMobility brainstorm taking place in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is claiming its place as sustainable mobility frontrunner

Amsterdam, March 6th, 2018 – EVBox is proud to announce that next week, on March 13th, the largest ever brainstorm on sustainable mobility will take place in the Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam. 500 professionals from over 30 countries worldwide will come together at the rEVolution 2018 event, organized by leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations EVBox, to discuss the future of eMobility.

According to Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox, the Netherlands is internationally considered as a frontrunner on electric mobility:

For many countries, sustainability is not yet a high enough priority. In the Netherlands, we have really shown to be ahead of the curve internationally with regard to sustainable transport — something we often underestimate. Sustainability should be the main topic of our generation, as it’s obvious we cannot continue the same way we have. Globally we’re lacking a strong policy, meaning we’re exhausting the Earth’s natural resources at an alarming rate. Mobility and transportation is an integral part of this topic. That is why at rEVolution on March 13th we are facilitating this brainstorm — to bring experts from all over the world together to speed up this transition to a sustainable world. Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox

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Industry experts speaking at rEVolution 2018

rEVolution 2018 is the annual keynote and networking conference that discusses the future of (electric) mobility and brings together experts from all over the globe. This year’s speakers include:

  • Tony Seba — world-renowned author, thought leader, and serial entrepreneur
  • Jack Cheng — founder and Executive VP of Chinese carmaker NIO
  • Colin McKerracher — Head of Advanced Transport at Bloomberg
  • Christina Bu — Secretary General Norwegian EV Association
  • Umberto Uccelli — Managing Director Europe at Zero Motorcycles

The event will be hosted by Monica Araya (EV advocate and TED speaker), Zachary Shahan (Founder Cleantechnica), and Kristof Vereenooghe (CEO EVBox). Besides the hosts and speakers also four industry experts  will take a leading role during the brainstorms, one of them being Angelika Sodian (Managing Director NIO UK).

The mobility industry is going through a profound change right now; nobody exactly knows what future transport will look like. The fact that EVBox is bringing together so many experts, professionals & EV enthusiasts at rEVolution 2018, for the biggest brainstorm on mobility ever, makes me extremely excited to be a part of both this event and this industry. Angelika Sodian, Managing Director of NIO UK

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REVOLUTION 2018 | The Teaser

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