16 November 2017

EVBox expands global management team

EVBox announces its new and expanded management team, which combines global ambition with local expertise.

Amsterdam, November 16th, 2017 – EVBox, the global leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software, announces its new and expanded management team, which combines global ambition with local expertise. Ever since its founding in 2010, EVBox has seen a very strong growth, with double digit growth annually. An important reason for this growth is the global adoption of electric vehicles.

The rEVolution is now happening at full speed, with many cities and countries such as France, China and the UK setting hard deadlines for sales of ICE vehicles to end. Because of this, we see a strong increase in the demand for a smart charging infrastructure. EVBox has the mission to further drive sustainable mobility by bringing our electric vehicle charging solutions to the world.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox

New global management team introduced

In order to meet this increasing demand, EVBox is expanding both its global and regional management positions. The global management team (as of November 2017) now consists of 5 people, which include long-time EVBox team members Kristof Vereenooghe (CEO) and Johan Langius (COO). New additions are Géraldine Imbert (CFO), Arjan van Rooijen (CTO) and Peter van Praet (CCO).

Expanded team of regional and strategic directors

To execute the global strategy effectively on a local/regional level, EVBox has also expanded its team of regional strategic directors for its core markets:

  • Sibu Janardhan: North America
  • Jeroen Franken: Netherlands
  • Stefan Meers: Belgium & Luxembourg
  • Morten Nielsen: Nordics
  • Fermin Bustamante: Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • Jonathan Goose: UK & Ireland
  • Franck Legardeur: France & Southern Europe
  • Bjorn Utgard: New Markets
  • David van Hasselt: Strategy & New Business

About EVBox

EVBox drives sustainable mobility by providing smart and scalable charging infrastructure and charging management software to electric vehicles around the world. Powered by ENGIE, EVBox has placed over 125,000 charging points across more than 70 countries. With residential, commercial, public, and fast-charging solutions, EVBox is helping to build a future where everyday transport is emission-free. For more information, visit evbox.com.

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