13 December 2017

Future of Smart Cities relies on Electric Mobility and Smart Charging

EVBox will showcase the latest innovations in Smart Charging technologies at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New York and Amsterdam, December 13th, 2017 – EVBox, the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software, will showcase the latest innovations in Smart Charging technologies at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cities turning towards electric transportation

There are more than two million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road today. According to Bloomberg, global EV sales in the third quarter of 2017 are 63% higher than the same period last year. Simultaneously, many cities (and countries) around the world are turning to electric transportation in order to reduce pollution. The growing importance of electric mobility is, however, not without its challenges.

We’re seeing a lot of ambition from cities that are all vying to become the first to eliminate its carbon footprint altogether. Some examples include only giving permits to electric taxis, investing in electric buses or banning heavily polluting cars from city centers entirely. These changes require a charging infrastructure to match, and of course will also have an impact on the city’s power grid. EVBox strongly feels that 'Smart Cities equal Smart Charging', which involves gaining insights on drivers’ charging behavior, and using them to balance the available power in an efficient, flexible and intelligent way. During CES 2018, we will display our latest smart EV charging solutions that help cities, companies and drivers to become truly 'smart'.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox

EVBox CES 2018 Innovation Award Honoree

One such example of a Smart Charging solution is EVBox Elvi, an electric vehicle charging station for drivers to charge at home. EVBox Elvi revolutionizes the charging experience by combining a modular design with smart charging features and upgradable power output technology. Because of this, EVBox Elvi meets both the current and future needs of electric vehicle drivers.

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EVBox Elvi has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. Products who are part of this prestigious program organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ are judged by a panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the trade media for outstanding design in consumer electronics. All products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees are considered to reflect the most innovative designs and cutting edge technologies coming to the market.

Alongside EVBox Elvi, EVBox will also unveil its new charging solution at CES that is aimed specifically at the North American business & commercial market. Visit EVBox during CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9 – 12, at booth 1513 (Smart Cities, Westgate, Tech East).

About EVBox

EVBox drives sustainable mobility by providing smart and scalable charging infrastructure and charging management software to electric vehicles around the world. Powered by ENGIE, EVBox has placed over 100,000 charging points across more than 55 countries. With residential, commercial, public, and fast-charging solutions, EVBox is helping to build a future where everyday transport is emission-free. For more information, visit evbox.com.

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