Small Danish Hotels prepare for an electric future with EVBox

Once things get back to normal, the hotel industry will need to continue preparing for a world where EV drivers can travel to and from holiday destinations without worrying about charging. As EVs become more commonplace, more people will book accommodation based on its charging offering. As a result, Small Danish Hotels have decided to team up with EVBox to offer charging solutions—to the delight of both guests and locals.

Amsterdam, April 16, 2020Small Danish Hotels realized that providing their guests with electric charging facilities will become increasingly important. After receiving requests from visitors about charging solutions, the Danish hotel chain carried out thorough market research on the topic, leading them select EVBox as their EV charging solution provider.

From left to right: Rasmus Wagner Jensen (former BDM at EVBox), Michael Thinggard (Owner of Hotel Thinggaard) and Jørgen Christensen (CEO of Small Danish Hotels)
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From left to right: Rasmus Wagner Jensen (former BDM at EVBox), Michael Thinggard (Owner of Hotel Thinggaard) and Jørgen Christensen (CEO of Small Danish Hotels)

From left to right: Rasmus Wagner Jensen (former BDM at EVBox), Michael Thinggard (Owner of Hotel Tingaarden) and Jørgen Christensen (CEO of Small Danish Hotels)

Since November 2019, Hotel Tingaarden has been the chain's primary location for the majority of these new charging stations, and has received positive feedback early on. Jørgen Christensen, CEO of Small Danish Hotels, has emphasized the benefits for both guests and other drivers:


Not only do the guests at our hotels benefit greatly, but also those who stop to charge in cities where our hotels are located—it's cheaper than other charging sites due to lower roaming charges. 

The charging initiative is part of a new sustainability strategy that has been implemented by Small Danish Hotels.

We had a look at all the different suppliers in the market and found that EVBox was the most interesting prospect because of its great flexibility and low cost to our hotels. Many of the technical issues were also best solved with EVBox, and the service and cooperation afterwards have been outstanding.  Jørgen Christensen (CEO of Small Danish Hotels)


The latest EV statistics in Scandinavia reveals that Norway is leading the way to EV adoption, with almost 65,000 new vehicles sold in 2019. Sweden has shown a slightly slower rate of growth, selling approximately 32,000 vehicles by the end of 2019. Following increased investment in electric mobility, EV ownership in Denmark rose by 1,500 in 2019, and saw a four-fold increase in the number of EV sales compared to the previous year.


Given the rise in positive feedback from guests, the intention is to continue installing stations across all hotels so that the growing demand for EV charging can be met. As of today, 28 out of 65 hotels belonging to the Small Danish Hotels offer EV charging.


About EVBox Group

Founded in 2010, EVBox Group accelerates the adoption of electric mobility by bringing convenient, integrated EV charging solutions to businesses and drivers around the world. From its extensive portfolio of commercial and ultra-fast charging stations built by EVBox to its scalable charging management software engineered by Everon, EVBox Group ensures that electric mobility is accessible to everyone.


Backed by ENGIE, EVBox Group is a leader in research and development, with multiple labs and factories across Europe and North America developing groundbreaking EV charging technology. With offices across the globe including Paris, Chicago, and Amsterdam, and strong foundations in dozens of markets, EVBox Group is shaping a cleaner future of transportation.

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