29 August 2019

Employer focuses too little on sustainable vehicles for employees

Amsterdam, 29th August 2019 – Dutch employers hardly encourage their employees to drive electrical or hybrid powered vehicles.  A small minority of 1 out of 5 (18%) of employees, when selecting a new vehicle, are asked to take note of the fuel type used by the new four-wheeler.  However, employees are more frequently asked to look at the monthly lease price (39.6%), the amount of the catalogue price (25.8%) or the vehicle brand (26.9%). This becomes apparent from the annual EVBox Sustainable Mobility Monitor that asked over 1,000 Dutch corporate drivers about their habits and expectations. 

The corporate market is an important cornerstone for the occasion vehicle market. According to the Association of Dutch Vehicle Lease Companies, more than half or newly purchased passenger vehicles and delivery vans are leased. The vehicles finally again appear in the private market. Globally, vehicles emit almost a quarter of the CO2. It is therefore important that the corporate market sets a good example to make our mobility even more sustainable and to relieve the pressure on the climate

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox 
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Charging can be difficult at times

The majority (57.7%) of Dutch corporate drivers drive at least 20,000 kilometres annually. A quarter of corporate drivers add more than 40,000 kilometres to the clock every year. The Dutch business people who use hybrid or electrically powered vehicles, are most sceptic about the supply of charging solutions by Employers.

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Diesel is still king, for the time being at least

Dutch corporate drivers mainly use diesel in their vehicles (49.9%). Petrol is the fuel for 38.1% of corporate drivers. 7.3% are powered by a hybrid engine and 3.2 percent have an electric engine. The rest is powered by LPG and some respondents were not aware of that. Vereenooghe:

The process of making the corporate vehicle fleet more sustainable will continue over the next few years. The time has come to push diesel from the throne. I hope that leasing companies and employers want to contribute to this.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EVBox
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The Netherlands, a country of cyclists

Regarding sustainable mobility, the authorities focus strongly on the use of bicycles.  The Netherlands is traditionally a cycling country. The Dutch government is committed to get 200,000 more commuters travelling by bicycle or public transport in the coming years to reduce traffic congestion. Employers have a role to play in this. More than one in ten (11.9%) employers have a bicycle plan where employees get tax benefits when purchasing a bike for work. 6.3 percent of employers offer their employees a lease bicycle. 3.9% of respondents indicate that their employer makes a company bicycle freely available.

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About the Monitor

The EVBox Sustainable Mobility Monitor is a yearly recurring survey among 1029 corporate drivers in the Netherlands about their habits and expectations regarding mobility. Executed by Panelwizard at the request of EVBox.

About EVBox

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