29 March 2018

eMobility event rEVolution launches digital magazine

Best ideas from the eMobility industry combined in digital magazine

Amsterdam, March 29th, 2018 - The second edition of rEVolution, the annual eMobility conference hosted two weeks ago on March 13th, saw 515 professionals from 32 countries joining to think creatively about the future of mobility, energy and transportation. Now EVBox has combined the best ideas, keynotes and testimonials into one digital magazine: rEVolution rEView.

The magazine gives a unique perspective into the fast-changing mobility industry, and features videos from all the top speakers including Tony Seba (author and entrepreneur), Jack Cheng (NIO), Christina Bu (Norwegian EV Association), Colin McKerracher (Bloomberg New Energy Finance) and Umberto Uccelli (Zero Motorcycles).

At rEVolution, we brought together over 500 experts and policymakers from all over the world. To say we're proud of this result is an understatement. But even more importantly, rEVolution brought together the people that have the ability to affect serious change, from government representatives to delegates from major car manufacturers and energy providers. I believe that together, we can - and we must - revolutionize our industry in order to create a greener future for us all. 

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO EVBox

About EVBox

EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. With an installed base of over 85,000 charging points across more than 55 countries worldwide, EVBox drives sustainable mobility, by bringing durable electric vehicle charging solutions to the world. EVBox has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Oslo, Milton Keynes, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Bordeaux, New York and Los Angeles. Since March 2017, EVBox is a part of ENGIE. In 2018, EVBox acquired ultra-fast charging station manufacturer EVTronic, adding 700 previously installed fast charging stations to its European network.

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